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Premium Memory Foam Ear Tips for AirPods Pro. DOES NOT INCLUDE AIRPODS PRO.

More info: AirFoams Pro

Isolates outside noise.  Ultra comfortable.


  • Compatible only for AirPods Pro

  • Not compatible with AirPods Gen 1 or Gen 2.


Stay Focused

Shown to promote improvement in attention and the ability to ignore distractions. Promotes work performance for students/workers with high academic achievement and increased productivity.

Premium Memory Foam

  • Super soft: conforms and expands to your inner ear shape. Great seal and ultra-comfortable to wear for many hours. It doesn't fall out.

  • Alleviates any pain from silicone ear tips.

  • Dramatically reduces outside noise.

  • With Active Noise Cancellation turned on, it is the ultimate combination to turn an uncomfortable space into an enjoyable environment.

Fine Metal Mesh Protection

Superior mesh protection to protect from wax getting in while not interrupting the clear sounds and thumping bass flowing in your ears.

Improved Use Cases

  • Workplace drone noise reduction: Air vents making those annoying hum all day?  AirFoams Pro blocks the hum noise and chatter co-workers out completely when paired with the Active Noise Cancellation turned on.

  • Gym tunes: Blocks out overly loud gym music and train to your own beats.

  • Quiet airplane rides: Dramatically reduces engine and air noise.  Sleep or listen to your music or shows in peace.

  • At home, play: watch and listen to TV shows in full clear sounds without bothering anyone esp. at night.

  • At home, work: crank it up and focus while designing or pumping our PowerPoint slides.

Fits all ear sizes

Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large (includes 2 sizes; for the smaller ears and for the larger ears.)


Only for the AirPods Pro.  AirFoams Pro just clicks right in like the originals. (Does not work with AirPods Gen 1 or Gen 2.)


AirFoams Pro

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