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  • MacBook Air 2018, 2019 and beyond
  • MacBook Pro 2016- 2019 and beyond
  • iPad Pro 2018-2019 and beyond
  • Dell, HP, Lenovo, all other USB C equipped laptops and phones, tablets


We took the initiative to bring you a modern take on technology and thoughtful design. The Hub compliments the Macbook Pro to streamline a consistent design language throughout your workspace.


3 USB 3.0 ports: generously spaced-out for the ease of plug and un-pluggability. The other side has both card readers + HDMI. USB-C charging port balances the HUB symmetry without interfering with the connected ports.


  • HDMI: Clear uninterrupted picture to an external monitor or TV screen. Up to 4K resolution at 30 Hz output or up to 1080P at 75Hz output
  • Three - USB 3.0: connect external hard drives, thumb drives, cameras, printers, scanners, tablets, phones, and legacy devices.
  • SD card reader: HIGH-SPEED, quickly gain access to load/unload images.
  • Micro SD card reader: HIGH-SPEED, quickly gain access to load/unload images.
  • USB C Power Delivery: keeps your laptop charged at 65W max.


*Note: Supports multiple flash drives, but can only support one external hard drive at any time due to the power requirements.


For example: Multiple high-powered devices such as external drives, phones, tablets, and battery packs must be connected to a power source.  Does not work for Apple USB Superdrive.

Premium USB C Hub - Space Gray with White cable

Color: Space Gray
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