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STINGRAY (for Nintendo Switch)


IMPORTANT: Please make sure the Switch's back vents are not blocked.  Easiest solution is to face the screen on the table.  Watch video below.




Ultra portable USB C adapter with integrated Ethernet port. 


The most versatile adapter for the Switch.  For the intense online gamer to the casual gamer, Stingray is for everyone.

Compatible with:

  • Switch

  • Switch Lite (note: Switch Lite console does not output video)




Making Waves
We heard from SWITCH owners a portable lightweight adapter with an integrated Ethernet port would be awesome. Well, we made it.


Introducing STINGRAY, the most compact fully functional adapter for the Nintendo Switch.

We at CharJenPro enjoys playing games and love the community that surrounds it.  Designing products to improve Switch's pain point was our focus: the connectivity.

After months and months of designing different concepts, mock-ups, and prototypes with our engineering team, we came up with the perfect solution.

Game Changer: Online Game Connectivity

Don't you hate it while engaging an intense online Smash Bros or a Splatoon 2 team battle and the dreaded "unstable connection" message pops up?  We did.  It ruins the fun and brings on frustration because of weak and unstable wireless connectivity.

Our Ethernet port for wired connectivity has super stable connectivity that will not disrupt your online game play.  You will never have to worry about losing out on team battles because of poor wireless connections.

Stingray Design

We optimize the design from scratch.


  • Took out the bulk and designed to its simplest form, and we still added more functions. No need to buy a separate Ethernet adapter. We integrated one and kept the size still smaller than your palm. Streamlined the user experience for your Switch.

  • Took serious consideration of how the common cables are connected; the power cable and HDMI cable.  It flows in a straight uninterrupted line from the Switch's USB C port to the front 2 ports located in the front of the Stingray.

  • Two USB ports and Ethernet port are conveniently located on the sides for easy access.

  • Vent holes are not just there just to look cool.  Purposefully placed to dissipate heat efficiently and quickly.  Low amount of heat is produced, but we just took careful consideration to keep it cool regardless.

  • LED status light is our subtle attention to detail to have the lightning logo glow from beneath.

Actual Stingrays were our design inspiration. Thanks Stingrays!


The best part, we tested Stingray for over a year!  We 100% made sure that our STINGRAY adapter works perfectly.  With each update that was pushed out, it worked with no issues.  13 updates and counting, no issues what-so-ever.

Our team of engineers investigated and opened up multiple Switches to understand the issue.  Then we designed our preliminary Stingray adapter with the same protocol as the Switch and with extra safety protocols and controllers to make sure nothing damaging ever happens. We took this project very seriously. 

Friends, friend's of friends, and family friends love our adapters and kept asking to produce more.  So, we are now releasing the Stingray to everyone.

It is truly superior in every aspect and blasts any adapter out there.



Stingray Design

Sleek, Ultra thin, Light.  Specific vent placement for cooling. Stingray shape for unobstructed experience.


Crystal clear High Definition video to any HDTV screen or monitor.  Video output up to 1080P (Switch itself outputs a max. of 1080P resolution).  4K HDTVs will work just like the original dock, your HDTV will upscale it to 4K.

1 x USB 3.0 and 1 x USB 2.0

Connect controllers and other accessories

Ethernet port (RJ45)

Stable connection for intense online gaming. (In some cases wifi maybe be a tad faster, but the constant connection and stability is most important.)

USB C Power Adapter port
Charge your Switch


Translucent Black


  • Switch

  • Switch Lite (please note: Switch Lite console does not output video.  If you connect our Stingray to the Switch Lite everything works except the HDMI port)




1. Plug in HDMI and Power cables (use only original Nintendo Power

Adapter or CharJenPro Power Adapter).

2. Plug Stingray into Switch

3. Press Power Button on the Switch

4. Video will appear

IMPORTANT: Do not block the Switch's back vents.  Face the screen on the table and the back of vent facing up to avoid overheating.

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