Beats Fit Pro vs AirPods Pro: Which Wireless Headphones Are Best?


When the world of earbuds is awash with many products, two names often come up for those seeking high-end listening experiences: Beats and Apple. The Beats Fit Pro and the AirPods Pro are at the pinnacle of this bustling marketplace, and they're part of the many deals music aficionados often look out for. Let's dive into the finer details of these two products to help potential buyers make an informed decision.

Design & Fit: Ear's Best Friends

AirPods Pro: Apple's design philosophy has always been about simplicity and elegance, and the AirPods Pro is no exception. With its signature stem design, the earbuds fit snugly into most ears. The ear tips come in various sizes, ensuring comfort for the wearer. Its case, small enough to fit into a pocket, speaks volumes about Apple's dedication to portability.

Beats Fit Pro: on the other hand, Beats is more athletic with its design. The addition of wing tips makes these earbuds especially suitable for people who want a secure fit during intense activity, such as gym workouts. The case, while slightly larger than AirPods Pro, still fits comfortably in most pockets.

Features & Controls: A Menu of Sophistication

Both the Beats Fit Pro and the AirPods Pro come packed with features. They both employ the H1 chip, although rumors of AirPods Pro 2 suggest an upcoming H2 chip. For iPhone users, this chip means seamless pairing and a richer experience with their devices.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is a prominent feature in both earbuds but with a slight difference. AirPods Pro boasts an effective noise cancellation system that adjusts 200 times per second, removing background noises and letting music or calls shine through. While still top-notch, Beats Fit Pro's ANC is a tad less aggressive.

Transparency mode is another shared feature, allowing users to be aware of their surroundings by blending music with ambient noises. The earbuds do a commendable job at this, making them apt for those who are often on the move.

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Battery Life & Charging: The Life of the Party

AirPods Pro promises 4.5 hours of listening time with ANC on and an additional 24 hours thanks to its charging case. The introduction of MagSafe charging makes it a breeze for Apple enthusiasts. Beats Fit Pro slightly edges out with a 6-hour battery life and an additional 18 hours from its case. Charging for both buds is facilitated via a Lightning connector.

A 2023 consumer survey suggests approximately 7 out of 10 respondents favor the durable battery life in Beats Fit Pro, which offers up to seven hours of continuous playback compared to the AirPods Pro’s six with ANC-enabled.


Shape and Size

When selecting wireless headphones, it's crucial to consider their shape and size as they directly affect comfort, fit, and overall user experience. The Beats Fit Pro and AirPods Pro have distinct designs, catering to different ear shapes and sizes.

The Beats Fit Pro features an in-ear design with added stability fins that help keep the earbuds securely in place during vigorous activities. The customizable silicone ear tips ensure a comfortable fit, creating a seal to improve sound quality and passive noise isolation.


Apple's AirPods Pro, on the other hand, boasts an innovative design with a vent system that reduces discomfort caused by pressure build-up. The in-ear tips are also made of soft silicone for a gentle and customized fit. Additionally, Apple provides three sizes of ear tips to cater to various ear shapes, allowing users to find the perfect fit.

A key consideration here is individual comfort. While some may prefer the secure and snug fit provided by the Beats Fit Pro during intense workouts or running sessions, others might prioritize long-lasting comfort for extended listening periods offered by the AirPods Pro's vent system and customizable options.

It's worth noting that everyone's ears are unique; what works well for one person may be less comfortable for another. Therefore, trying out different options and assessing personal comfort levels before making a final decision is essential.

Sound and Audio Quality

beats fit pro vs airpods pro


Sound Quality: Music to One's Ears

Sound is where the real battle is. While both earbuds offer premium audio quality, there are subtle differences. The AirPods Pro presents a balanced sound profile with crisp highs and mids and a decent bass. Staying true to its legacy, Beats offers more punch in the bass department, which might appeal to bass lovers.


Compatibility: iPhone, Android, and Everything in Between

Thanks to the H1 chip, iPhone users will find pairing with either earbud almost magical. However, Android users aren't left out in the cold. The Beats Fit Pro has a slight edge here, with its app offering Android users more control over settings and features, whereas the AirPods Pro relies more on system-level integration on Apple devices.

Price & Overall Value: The Deal Breaker

Price is often the decider. At the time of writing, the AirPods Pro might be on sale at various places, but generally, they hover around a premium price point. The Beats Fit Pro, while also premium, is a tad cheaper. However, the myriad features, design aesthetics, and brand legacy offer value for their respective price tags.

Shape and Size: The Craft of Contours

AirPods Pro: Apple has an elegant signature design language. The AirPods Pro ensures a universal fit for most ear sizes with its minimalistic stem and compact shape. The ear tips come in different sizes, adding comfort. The case is compact, effortlessly sliding into pockets.

Beats Fit Pro: Beats offer an athletic touch. With wing tips, they ensure a secure fit, particularly for those involved in vigorous activities. While their case is slightly bulkier than the AirPods Pro, it's still portable.

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Durability: The Test of Time

AirPods Pro: With an IPX4 water and sweat resistance rating, AirPods Pro is durable enough for light workouts and casual use. However, it's wise to avoid exposing them to heavy rain or immersion.

Beats Fit Pro: Built for the gym-goer, these earbuds boast a more robust build, which can withstand intense workouts and occasional accidental drops.

Features, Controls, and Connectivity: The Symphony of Tech

Both earbuds come laden with the H1 chip, ensuring swift connectivity, especially with Apple devices. Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is prominent in both, with the AirPods Pro slightly edging out with its adaptive feature.

The Transparency mode lets the world in, which is ideal for those on the move. In terms of controls, AirPods Pro uses touch-sensitive stems, while Beats Fit Pro uses button controls.


Wireless Performance: Untangling the Airwaves

Both earbuds offer stellar wireless performance. Quick auto-pairing, minimal audio lag, and a stable connection are consistent in both. However, AirPods Pro might have a slight edge due to the seamless integration with Apple’s ecosystem.

Bass Performance: The Depth of Sound

AirPods Pro offers a balanced sound signature. The bass is present, but it doesn't overshadow mids and highs. In contrast, Beats Fit Pro, true to its legacy, provides a punchier bass, making it a delight for bass enthusiasts.

AirPods Pro vs. Beats Fit Pro: Feature-by-Feature Comparison


AirPods Pro

Beats Fit Pro


Minimalistic with stem

Athletic with wing tips

Shape & Size


Slightly bulkier


IPX4 water & sweat resistance

Robust build for intense workouts





Adaptive ANC

Standard ANC

Transparency Mode




Touch-sensitive stems

Button controls

Wireless Performance

Seamless with Apple devices

Stellar, with slight edge on Android

Bass Performance



Battery Life (Earbuds)

4.5 hours

6 hours

Battery Life (Case)

Additional 24 hours

Additional 18 hours


Lightning connector, MagSafe compatible

Lightning connector


Superior with Apple devices

Better Android integration via app



Slightly less expensive


Choosing between the AirPods Pro and Beats Fit Pro boils down to individual preferences. AirPods Pro is the pick of elegance, seamless integration with Apple devices, and a balanced sound profile appeal to you. For those seeking a robust build, pronounced bass, and an athletic design, Beats Fit Pro takes the crown. Regardless of the choice, both promise a premium audio experience.


Which earbud is more suitable for intense workouts and sports activities?

The Beats Fit Pro is designed with an athletic approach in mind. Its wing tips provide a secure fit, making it more suitable for intense workouts and sports activities than the AirPods Pro.

Are both earbuds compatible with Android devices?

AirPods Pro and Beats Fit Pro can be paired with Android devices. However, the Beats Fit Pro offers a slightly enhanced experience for Android users thanks to its dedicated app that provides more control over settings and features.

How does the noise cancellation feature compare between the two earbuds?

Both earbuds offer Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). The AirPods Pro boasts an adaptive ANC that adjusts multiple times per second, offering a slightly more immersive noise-canceling experience. At the same time, the Beats Fit Pro's top-notch ANC is a tad less aggressive than the AirPods Pro.

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