Do you need cellular on the Apple watch?

Hey there, Apple Watch enthusiasts! You're probably wondering, "Do I need cellular on my Apple Watch?" Let's discuss what this feature is all about and if it's something that fits into your lifestyle. 

What Does Cellular Mean for Your Apple Watch?

It's simple: a cellular-enabled Apple Watch allows you to make calls, send texts, stream music, and access data, all without needing your iPhone nearby. It's like giving your watch a mini iPhone superpower!

Why Consider Cellular?

  1. Freedom from Your Phone: If you're out for a run and don't want to carry your iPhone (Top Updates of iPhone 11 and iPhone 14) around. With a cellular Apple Watch, you can still call your buddy to brag about your new personal best or stream some motivating tunes.
  2. Stay Connected Everywhere: Whether receiving urgent work emails or getting notifications from your loved ones, staying connected is easier than ever. Even when you're just out grabbing groceries and left your phone at home.
  3. Safety First: In emergencies, being able to call for help directly from your watch can be a lifesaver, literally.

Things to Keep in Mind

  1. Carrier and Plan: Before you jump in, check with your carrier. Not all networks support the Apple Watch; some might charge extra fees.
  2. Battery Life: More features mean more battery usage. If you're going cellular, be prepared to charge your watch a bit more often.
  3. Costs: Yes, cellular models and plans do cost more. It's about balancing the convenience against the extra bucks you'll shell out.

Why It's Not Just About Calls and Texts?

It's not just about making calls or sending texts. With cellular, your Apple Watch becomes a hub for so much more:

  1. GPS on the Go: Lost on a hike? Cellular means your GPS can guide you back without needing your phone.
  2. Stream Without a Phone: Want to listen to your favourite playlist or podcast while on a walk? Do it straight from your wrist.
  3. Apps at Your Fingertips: Many apps now work independently on the Apple Watch so that you can check the news, weather, or even your social media updates without your phone.

Choosing the Right Model

Apple offers various watch models, and not all have cellular options. If you're leaning towards getting one, consider the latest models like the Apple Watch Series 6 or SE. They come packed with features like Family Setup, which is handy if you manage devices for your kids or parents.

How to Decide?

How do you decide if cellular is right for you? Ask yourself these questions:

  1. How Often Are You Away From Your Phone? The cell phone on your Apple Watch can be a game-changer if you frequently leave your phone behind when you step out.
  2. What's Your Budget Like? If you agree you're happy with the extra monthly charge on your phone bill and the initial cost, go for it.
  3. Are You a Tech Enthusiast? If you love having the latest and greatest tech, the cellular Apple Watch is a must-have gadget.

Is Cellular Right for You?

Well, it depends on how you live your life. If you're always on the go, love the idea of being phone-free sometimes, and don't mind the extra cost, cellular on your Apple Watch is a fantastic choice. But you might not need it if you're more of a 'my phone is always with me' person.

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