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We believe technology is the super-assistant that helps everything people do.

We’ve spent years studying the versatility of technology. The more we learn, the more we’re sure: great technology changes everything. It makes us faster, smarter, and more productive.


So we envisioned a big dream.

We started by creating premium USB C accessories. Now, over one million users later, our mission has only grown. We’re here to elevate the potential of a connected world.


We’re setting a new standard in technology innovation.

Our researchers, designers, and engineers at CharJenPro Studio spend their knowledge studying human interaction and creating products based on real customer needs and feedback.


We’re as obsessed with service as we are with technology.

Technology shopping should be as easy as copying and pasting. Whether it’s our award-winning customer experience team helping you get a new accessory for your new laptop, or our customer service team answering any question, we want you to feel easy.


We’re bringing excitement to a convoluted industry. 

We want the world to love technology as much as we do. From designing sleek products like our MacBar Adapter and Premium Hub, we are creating ways to turn boring things into fun and exciting products.


CharJen Your Life