AirFoams Pro Form Fit Ear Tips

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We perfected our World's Most Crowd-Funded AirPods Pro Ear Tips for a more natural fit. Cone shape fits naturally without added pressure. Conforms completely to the contours of your ear to create a gentle yet solid seal. Stays in your ears. Ultra comfortable unlike silicone-only ear tips.

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Color: Black
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The shape of a cone will conform better into your ear canal.  Naturally sits in with no added pressure or discomfort.


Conforms and expands to your inner ear providing a great seal. Ultra comfortable to wear for many hours. Stays in your ears and doesn't fall out.


While the Originals are still the #1 choice for Ear Tips for the AirPods Pro, we challenged ourselves to improve upon it.  We think every AirPods Pro users will enjoy our best Memory Foam Ear Tips in terms of fit and comfort.


Only for the AirPods Pro. Does not work with AirPods Gen 1 or Gen 2.

To prolong your tips, store AirFoams Pro in the case while not in use. 

Clean them occasionally. When they start to tear, or lose their memory foam composition such as the foam not expanding as slowly, it’s time to replace them.


Memory Foam

Micro Metal Mesh

Solid inner core


Only for the AirPods Pro. Does not work with AirPods Gen 1 or Gen 2.


Includes 2 pairs per set.

Foam tips are not like silicone tips as they are made of totally different materials.

The longevity depends on the usage amount and how it has been used.

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Natural Fitment Version 2.0

"They are much more comfortable than Apple's provided tips and have a better seal from outside noise.They're what I use all the time now.Totally recommend !!!" - Al 1/7/21

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