Guide to Replacing Your AirPods Pro Ear Tips

Apple's AirPods Pro has been a game-changer in personal audio devices. These earbuds have offered a premium listening experience, spanning devices from iPhones to TVs. The unique ear tip design, specifically crafted to enhance noise cancellation and comfort, significantly contributes to their success. However, as with any device subject to frequent use, there may come a time when these ear tips need a replacement.

Recognizing the Need for Replacement

It's natural for devices to show signs of wear and tear, and the AirPods Pro ear tips are no exception. Much like how we observe our headphones' cushioning or the exterior of our charging case deteriorate over time, the ear tips can also undergo damage.

Typical signs suggesting a need for replacement range from visible physical injuries such as rips or tears to more subtle indications. These might include experiencing a drop in sound quality or discomfort during use, hinting at an imperfect seal, or misalignment.

Original vs. Third-Party Ear Tips

The decision to opt for an official replacement from Apple or explore third-party alternatives is crucial. Apple's official replacement ear tips offer a guaranteed fit, ensuring your AirPods Pro retains its premium sound quality and function as intended. However, the market has seen a surge in third-party options.

These alternatives come in various materials, designs, and price points. While they might be tempting, especially if budget-friendly, it's imperative to do your due diligence. Read reviews, ask around, and ensure they are explicitly crafted for the AirPods Pro model to avoid compatibility issues.

Step-by-Step Replacement Process

The AirPods Pro ear tips are crucial for optimal listening, ensuring sound quality and effective noise cancellation. Over time, with regular use, these ear tips may degrade, necessitating their replacement. Here's a detailed, step-by-step guide to ensure a smooth replacement process:


Before beginning, make sure you have the replacement ear tips ready and close at hand. Working on a clean, flat surface is advisable to avoid misplacing any parts.

Gentle Removal of Old Ear Tips:

Hold the earbud securely: Grasp the AirPods Pro earbud in one hand, ensuring a firm but gentle grip.

Detach the worn-out ear tip: Gently twist and pull the old or damaged ear tip away from the earbud. Ensure you're not using excessive force, which could damage the earbud.

Attachment of New Ear Tips:

Alignment: Start by visually aligning the groove of the replacement ear tip with the earbud's connector.

Secure in Place: Once aligned, press the ear tip onto the earbud with a gentle but firm pressure. Continue pressing until you hear a clear click sound, signaling that the ear tip is properly seated and securely attached.

Testing for a Secure Fit:

Wearing the AirPods: After the replacement, insert the AirPods Pro into your ears to check the fit and comfort.

Conduct the Ear Tip Fit Test on your iPhone: This is a built-in feature for AirPods Pro users. Navigate to the Bluetooth settings on your iPhone, find your AirPods Pro, and select the Ear Tip Fit Test option. This function plays a brief sound, analyzing the seal of the ear tips in your ears. It will then give feedback on whether you've achieved an optimal fit. If the test indicates issues, you might need to adjust the ear tip or try a different size to ensure effective noise cancellation.

Final Verification: Before diving back into your favorite tunes or the latest episode of a podcast, ensure that you've achieved a comfortable and secure fit. Optimal noise cancellation and sound quality are achieved when the ear tips are perfectly seated.

Choosing the Right Size for Comfort and Seal

It can't be stressed enough how vital the right fit is for earbuds. A misfit compromises comfort and affects sound quality, especially the noise cancellation feature. Apple, understanding the uniqueness of each individual's ear shape, provides an Ear Tip Fit Test. This tool is instrumental in guiding users to identify the ideal size, marrying comfort with impeccable sound quality.

Caring for Your New Ear Tips

Having invested time and perhaps money in acquiring new ear tips, it's only wise to ensure they last. Regular cleaning can enhance their lifespan. However, refrain from using any harsh chemicals that might degrade the material. Additionally, habitually store your AirPods Pro in their charging case. This keeps them charged and shields the ear tips from potential external damage, ensuring they remain pristine.

Cost and Where to Purchase

The financial aspect of replacement varies. If you're leaning towards an official purchase from Apple, the cost might be steeper than third-party alternatives. AppleCare+ holders might be in a favorable position, enjoying specific warranty privileges or exclusive repair options. For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing and service details, it's best to refer to Apple's official product page or consult with service providers pertinent to your region.


Much like ensuring your iPhone battery performs optimally, or your MacBook remains glitch-free, it's paramount to maintain your AirPods Pro in top condition for that unparalleled auditory experience. Whether you're covered by a warranty, enrolled in AppleCare+, or even considering third-party avenues, remember a fresh set of ear tips can rejuvenate your listening experience, making every song, podcast, or movie sound just as the creators intended.


Are third-party ear tips as good as Apple's?

While many third-party ear tips offer quality replacements, always check reviews and ensure they're designed for the AirPods Pro model.

Can I replace the ear tips or visit an Apple Store?

Replacing AirPods Pro ear tips is simple and can be done at home. However, if you need more clarification, Apple support staff can assist.

How much does it cost to replace ear tips at the Apple Store?

The cost varies based on region and any applicable warranties or coverage. It's best to check Apple's official pricing page or contact the store directly.

Will replacing my ear tips void my AppleCare+ coverage?

Using official Apple ear tips won't affect your AppleCare+ status. However, always consult the terms of your coverage when considering third-party parts.

How often should I replace my AirPods Pro ear tips?

This largely depends on usage and care. Regular checks for wear and tear will guide when replacements are needed.

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