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Attention: MacBar and MacStick users

Listen and feel for a CLICK. Push adapter in harder. Should not be loose with no gaps.

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Only purchases made from charjenpro.com or amazon sold by CharJenPro. Warranty extension starts after the initial 30 day purchase date. AirFoams Pro products: 7 months total. USB C products: 12 months total. Ultimate Dock Gen 2: 24 months total.


Warranty does not cover the following: Customer damage or fault for failing to read the product description. Purchases from unauthorized resellers*. Lost or stolen products. Purchases made over 12 months ago (depending on product exclusion). Non-quality-related issues (after 30 days of purchase). Free products. Heavily Discounted promos. Limited 30-day to 365-day warranty. Begins on the purchase date. The warranty will not be renewed after a replacement. If the product was a gift, ask the giver to provide you with a copy of the receipt or claim warranty on your behalf. Products not purchased through our CharJenPro store, Amazon, eBay, NewEgg stores will not be covered. Buy directly from us to avoid counterfeit products and to have a warranty. Other retailer's after-sales support policies will vary. Contact the retailer directly for specific guidance on the warranty process.

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